The consortium is composed of private and academic laboratories as well as SME’s and large industries. Collaboration among industrial partners allows for sharing of expertise and knowledge, and therefore facilitates optimal development of innovative products and processes. MADMAX both encourages and respects transnationality, with partners coming from all corners of Europe.


The successful development of composites and their international standards is only possible through the creation of such European clusters, regrouping scientific, technological, and engineering skills. Through these partnerships, gathered experiences can be successfully exploited to various transportation applications, including aeronautics, railways, and automotives.


Members of these scientific clusters have the strongest experiences in innovation management and will be able to quickly transfer research and development results to the industrial level.


The purpose of MADMAX is to provide new information regarding the progresses of composite developments to European SME’s, raw materials providers, and various organisations related to new composites, lightweight structures, and transportation and building applications. The final goal is to introduce new advanced textile materials into the European market.


The full supply chain of technical skills from academic partners and industrial workers brings its expertise through:


  • Development of textile technologies
  • Improvement of modelling and virtual prototyping tools
  • Characterization of raw materials and composites  
  • Monitoring of preforms to evaluate the state of composites
  • Optimization of systems and development of technologies adapted to the different transportation applications: aeronautics, railways, and automotives



 Interactions among partners of MADMAX