Composite Market

Properties of materials

Process Manufacturing and Applications

Composite Market size.

Summary of fibre properties.

Repartition of manufacturing processes by region.

Structure of the composite Industry.

Carbon Fibre:Global demand, capacity by region and itemized by manufacturer 

Raw materials producers, equipment manufacturers and Final processors in the composite value chain.

Composites value chain – industry applications 2012.

 Summary of Polymer properties.

Natural Fibers applications. Manufacturing processes and fiber length.

Size of the composites market in 2012 per region

Density specific properties of fibre. Comparison by Ashby charts

Carbon Fibre : Market shares of the manufacturing processes and consumption by application

Composite market by region and by applications.

 Choice of materials: Embodied energy vs. mechanical properties

Carbon Fibre consumption and revenues by market

Evolution of the composite market 2012-2017

Comparison of potential specific modulus values between natural fibers and glass fibers.

  Carbon Fibre : trends by market

Evolution of the share of biocomposites

Comparison of cost per weight between natural fibers and glass fibers.

European Glass fibre Reinforced Plastics (GRP) production according to processes and markets

European market for natural composites

 Choice of materials: Cost vs. mechanical properties . Comparison by Ashby charts


Global carbon fibre revenues by application.

Evolution of the European Glass fibre Reinforced Plastics Market  

Applications: Lightweight materials in transport

Reusing automotive composites production waste and Recycling composites